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Quality and Sustainability

In our company, the concept of quality and sustainability is based on three columns: Quality, innovativeness and cooperation. These three characteristics are the essential basis of a sustainable business development for us.

All actions and processes underlie the quality management system.

BOIDA achieves all norms of EN ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949 and EN ISO 14001:2015. Lean management and Six Sigma methods are applied systematically and guarantee sustainable economic efficiency and quality.

Cleanliness, tidiness and security are guidelines for the company BOIDA. The 5S+1 system is applied and regularly audited internally. The personnel identify themselves with these guidelines of the company. Processes are analyzed and improved continuously in order to offer our customers the best results.

Computer tomographic (CT) monitoring of the construction elements has been successfully applied by BOIDA since 2011.

The advantages of this technology are obvious:

  • Promptness due to offline programming of the quality control plan
  • Fast analysis because of target-performance comparison of CAD data and real actual part
  • Adjustment analysis for mould conditioning
  • Holistic consideration of the produced parts
  • Nondestructive testing of the parts and defect analysis

The CT monitoring is carried out in cooperation with metering services. The data considered is provided within short time.

The CT voxel data (3D scatter plot) is analyzed by our quality management department with the help of Zeiss Calypso ®. The previously designed quality control plan helps to compile a complete test report for the specimen. This test report can be designed in the customers’ demanded form.

Via target-performance comparison of the CAD drawings and the real part, a multi-color illustration helps to realize a fast failure analysis.

download Zeiss Calypso Viewer

Here you can see a defect analysis, which classifies and counts the “empty” volume of the part. In this way, vacuoles, air inclusions and annoyances of the structure of a part can be visualized and combated systematically.

Customers are consulted comprehensively and receive a measurement report. As a standard, target-performance comparisons, measurement descriptions and exact adjustments of each part are provided to each order. Defect analysis and reverse engineering are provided on demand.



Zeiss O-Inspect 322 is used for monitoring and measureing during series production.

Zeiss O-Inspect 322

By combining optical and tactile measuring technology, we get new advances and better results for the dimensional stability and shape(tactile scanning). With the automation interface a safe and accurate testing of components is achieved irrespective of the operator.